Nice to meet you.
This is my project planner - Tell me all about you and your project. And the more I know about your plans, the more I can help you.
What is your name? *

It's always good to know the name of the person that I'm gonna work with. :)
Tell me about your project - what are you looking to achieve and how can I help? *

Go ahead, tell me everything. Your goals, visions, type of projects. The more detailed the better.
Do you have an existing website?

Don't worry if you don't, the sole purpose of my existence is to help you build one.
Do you have a budget in mind?

Most of my projects begins at $1,500. Typically the timeframe for my design projects is within 2 to 4 weeks depending on how fast the client can respond and prepare the materials needed (including content) for the project.
One final question, how much time do I have before the launch of this project? *

Do you have specific deadline for the project. Please let me know, It's always good to plan ahead so we can meet your targets.
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